Captain Brooks has never let us down!  I took my 11 year old twins with Captain Brooks for the second time and we found the bite again.  It was windy, cold, and there wasn't any water in the bays, but we somehow pulled it out.  We caught a couple really nice reds, one had to be tagged, the biggest trout ever, and a bunch of black drum that fought like heck!  He knew exactly where to go to put us on the fish.  He found reefs we couldn't even see in the muddy water.  My boys learned a lot about baiting, casting, and working the bait to attract the fish.  He was very patient with them, and they learned a lot.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a fun day out on the water around the Rockport and Fulton area.  I will definitely go again!

Jon Fitzpatrick
Thank you Captain Brooks!


Capt. Brooks,

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your experience and guidance on our fishing trip this past Sunday, April 21 2013. What could have easily been a bust was turned in to a beautiful bounty of specs and reds.

Although the weather was beautiful, and the water clear, that doesn’t mean the fish are going to be biting. Without your extensive experience to put us at the right locations at the right time, we could have wound up with lots of leftover shrimp to cook at night. It was your time, effort and professional attention to the details that made US the winners that day.

This was the second fishing trip that I’ve had the pleasure of your guidance, and if it’s at all up to me, I’ll either go fishing with you, or I find something else to do...on dry land.

Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime!

For me, I just hope that teacher is Captain Brooks!!!  

Thanks again, Cap’n!!!

James C. Strom


Captain Brooks,

We thoroughly enjoyed our fishing trip with you on 16 March 2013.  Tide was low and so was the fishing but you used your expert seaworthy skill in navigating through the bays to find the good fishing spots. We have already enjoyed the drum and waiting to eat some of the reds as well. Attached is a power point presentation with some of the pictures of our trip.

Toby & Michael


My two sons Glenn, Alan and I had one of the best weekends ever when I picked Captain Brooks to guide us on a bay fishing trip.  For a very reasonable fee, he was very professional and made the trip a pleasure for all.  We tagged out on oversize redfish and caught a number of other "keepers”.  Captain Brooks furnished everything needed including live bait.  Overall, Captain Brooks was the best guide I’ve ever used and I highly recommend him for your next fishing trip.

Bob Verette
Vertex Corporation
Boerne, Texas


"If you're looking for a sea captain with years of experience who produces results, look no further. My friend and I set up a trip with Captain Brooks several weeks ago, and took along my friends fiancÚ. He was on time, and ready to set out without any delay. He was very knowledgeable and was more than happy to answer all our questions. He also helped my friends fiancÚ without even having to ask, this was great for a beginner and kept us all busy and having a good time. We cleaned up on trout and both pulled up oversize red's. We enjoyed the trip so much that we decided to book Captain brooks again with a few friends of ours. We ended up with 27 trout, 2 black drum, and a large sheep head. We enjoyed the expertise as well as the company of Captain Brooks, and plan on using him again. And you should too!"



I have fished these waters since I was a small boy and have fished with a number of guides. I first fished with Capt.Brooks last year on my birthday. Needless to say, we killed them, and in short order. A lot of the guys down here claim to be that witch they are not. Capt. Brooks is a true pro, leaving all others sucking hind tit in the wake of his fine cat(boat). My brothers and I had a marvelous time. We laughed, caught fish and learned. Capt.Brooks also is a wealth of information about the history of Rockport and how it all came to be. It was a pleasure to see and fish with "The Captain" again and look forward to our next outing to get some more.
                                            Sincerely your friend,
                                                John Strom
                                          J&J DIVERS, MARINE SERVICES


I have had the great opportunity to go fishing with a legend of the open seas, Capt Robert Brooks. I have never really fished in open water before and what i have learned in just two trips out with "The Capt" will not soon be forgotten. I can not say enough about the passion that he has for not only fishing and the water but for teaching his clients. He truly takes each trip and every client out on the water and not only puts them on the fish, but teaches them how and why they are doing the things they are doing in order to catch the fish. The "old" notion of sitting in the boat and waiting for the fish to bite is exactly that... "OLD" Capt. Brooks takes it a whole new level, he looks (hunts) the fish.

The passion and knowledge that Capt. Brooks brings to the water is no comparison. If you want to not only fish, but learn what you are fishing for then you should call the one and only Captain of the water. The legend of the sea. CAPT. ROBERT BROOKS

Thanks for the time and knowledge that you have given to me while fishing

John D. Danos
J&J Divers Marine Services


Capt. Brooks....want to THANK YOU for Father's Day Sat. June 16th.These memories will last forever...my father MR. Garcia, my son ,and myself....we caught plenty fish and quality as well...and here they are on the nailboard!!! Thank You for your efforts and making us feel like family while fishing with you. Many Thanks....Mark Garcia, San Antonio,TX.


While fishing with Captain Brooks June 1st we absolutely caught the fire out of the Trout. I have been hiring salt water fishing guides for over twenty year and I must say Captain Brook is top self , if you want to caught a lot of QUALITY fish give Captain Brooks a call !!


Captain Brook’s ,

I have enclosed the picture you took for us (finger and all) of our trip this past June 7th.  Those little ones are 15” plus so we have some very nice trout. It was a great trip and it was awesome to see how you went about your business of finding the big ones. Thanks again, we will see you soon for more “LIVE ACTION”.

Maxie Gremillion and sons and grandson


Hi Captain Brooks!
We had a wonderful fishing trip with you! It was such a beautiful day on the water and the fishing action was non-stop! Thank you so much. Here are a few pictures which you can use on your website if you would like. We look forward to booking another trip with you in the future!
Thank You,
Mela and Rafferty


Wow, what a day. 6 oversized Reds, ( 2 we tagged ) plus 2 more slot Reds by 12:00 noon.  Me and my son Greyson Heine and My good friend Art Borrego and his son Eric had one fishing day we will always remember.
    Thanks for the memories. Alan Heine


From my very first guided fishing trip with him, Captain Robert Brooks impressed me with his efficient, professional manner. An approach that not only inspires confidence in the day, but generates the results we look for… FISH! Because of his years of experience and knowledge of the bay system, water movement, wind-direction, etc., Captain Robert has been able to produce each and every time I have fished with him. And he is generous with that knowledge, constantly teaching and always with a smile and a story.

After six trips with Captain Robert, whether I am fishing with clients or my wife, he is always the consummate gentleman and an absolute pleasure to fish with. It is truly an honor and privilege to be considered his friend.

David Lee Henry


Captain Brooks

   Thanks again for a great experience on the water. The trip of October 06, 2011 was as enjoyable as the other trips we have been able to join you for the day.

   Even with the extreme summer heat still effecting the water temps and lack of fresh water feeding into the bay system with the experience and knowledge you carry of the area bay systems you were able to provide a rewarding day of fishing. A very tough assignment considering the conditions, but, as always you made a great effort to find the fish. We definitely enjoyed the entire trip.

   My fishing partner this day with you was my brother in law, whom I like a great deal. Before the day was over he confided in me, do not know if you overheard, he had developed blisters on two of his fingertips from reeling in fish at the pace we were on. The following day, even though he had some lingering small pains here and there, all he talked about was the trip with "Captain Brooks".

   I am working on hunting through the deer hunting season and once early spring arrives I expect I will be calling once again to schedule another day on the water that I know will only generate more great stories and memories. I am pretty certain Cindy wants to be included again in the next trip.

Safety is always very important to me, especially with my wife on board, and you have always provided a safe environment in which to boat, fish, and enjoy the day on the water.

Thanks for everything!

We will do it again!

 Sincerely  gary a. lynch



My wife and I have been out fishing with Capt. Brooks on two occasions, and I can truly say that both fishing trips were fantastic. We have been fishing in the Rockport area for past 2 years and these last two trips have been our best. On our first trip with him, my wife and I caught over 80 fish in a 3-4 hour period with 25 of them being keepers. On top of the great fishing, Capt. Brooks is extremely patient and a very good conversationalist. We are truly looking forward to our next fishing trip with him this coming December.
Carlos & Julia Cruz



Fishing with Captain Brooks was a blast.  I have had two fishing trips with him and both times were great.  If there is a particular style of fishing that you want to try, then Captain Brooks will accommodate that.  Or, if you want to let him call all of the shots based on his 35 years of experience, then I can guarantee you that he will not let you down.  If he calls the shots you stand a much better chance of catching fish, but it doesn't hurt his feelings if you want to try something else.  I learned a lot from him.  He is a very knowledgeable fisherman and a fine teacher.

Jeff Tabb



My husband was searching the web for guides in the Rock Port area in order to do some bay fishing - and we got LUCKY because he narrowed the search down to about 3 and then after speaking to each one - picked Captain Brooks! He took us out on 10-28-11 which wasn't by all appearances an ideal fishing day: the weather had turned pretty COLD & it had been rainy/windy & the water rough - to the point that the deep-sea boats we usually ride out on weren't going out at all. After we geared up with warmer clothes, Capt.Brooks took us "city slickers" out into the Bay when others were coming in or shaking their heads that they were not going out. First spot he stopped at was all it took for us to get our fish & limit out hours early! He's got some sweet shallow oyster beds he knows of & we fished over them with live shrimp and just as the Captain said, it was murder pretty much! I should take a minute to express gratitude to Capt.Brooks for dealing with me on his boat: "like a bull in a china closet!" was my 2nd name growing up and as an "older woman" it's more like an I Love Lucy episode - needless to say I almost fell in the water, was always in his way, couldn't bait/cast worth a fart, hooked myself in my crotch & always managed to tangle my line up GOOD in the few seconds it had out of the water & before Brooks was re-baiting it!!! He handled it all like a champ tho & I was ever-so-grateful! To our delight, he let us book him again for 10-30 & by then the weather had improved: warm & sunny with smoother water. We went to our lucky spot and caught some but when it slacked off, Capt.Brooks waisted no time taking us to another good spot - where we caught more. And then when that slowed, he took us to yet another good spot & we were in the fish! I caught a whopper but had due to an unfortunate Lucille Ball type incident - had to use my husband's "over the limit" tag/stamp! (What a great man, right?!) We worked a little harder for them the 2nd trip but still successfully limited out. It was a BLAST! Our ice chest contained Flounder, Speckled Trout, Red/Black Drum & Sheep Head. I already told him (threat or promise?) to expect us next year! Not only did he get us in the fish twice, but he's cool as heck to hang out with too - bonus! Down to earth & possessing what appears to be magical fishing knowledge, he'll probably give you a fishing day to remember. One thing I saw written about him on-line rings VERY true after fishing with him and that was something along the lines of "... he's probably forgotten more about fishing than most of us will ever know.."! He's born/raised in the area, has fond memories of hunting/fishing there and cares about protecting the beauty of the bay area for all generations to enjoy. Here's a living Texas Bay Fishing legend in the flesh & we're so happy we crossed his path & got to fish with him. Even tho my husband's shoulder hurt for days after, and even tho we were sore & tired and bruised (maybe just me from ramming the pole into my stomach on the HUGE catches!) but either way - it was considered at the TOP and one of the most awesome of our coastal fishing experiences.

Sincerely, Gary & Starr McNelley


Grayson & Quenlen Heine ,Father and mother....Alan & Katy.....trip 10-21-2011.....the boys smoked them.


Me and my 9 year old son Greyson had the best time with you November 25th. We caught a limit of Redfish, along with trout, flounder, and drums, 19 keepers by 2:00, Wow. The picture below is our proof. Look forward to fishing with you next time. Alan and Greyson from Austin Texas.


I want to thank Cap'n Brooks for making what could have been a cold and miserable day into a great day.  We went fishing on Nov 24.  It was cold and very windy.  It was so windy I really didn't think we would be able to go out.  Two of our sons had come home for Thanksgiving and I wanted to do something special for them as they both came a very long distance.

Believe me Cap'n Brooks made it one special day the boys and myself will remember for a long time.  His knowledge of the area is very impressive. He operated the boat in a secure manner even faced with a massive amount of wind.  I have fished for at  least 50 years, Cap'n Brooks has probably forgotten more than I will ever know.

More important than all this WE CAUGHT A LOT OF FISH.  I would definitely recommend Cap'n Brooks to anyone wanting to have a great day and catch a lot of fish.

Mike Meurer

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