CPR....by Capt. Robert Brooks....Prof.Fishing And Hunting Outfitter.


I grew up In Rockport, Texas and lived here since 1952 to present day...Oct.2011.As a kid, Rockport was very simple, not many people, and blessed with natural beauty and a tremendous abundance of fish and wild game. This was our only entertainment for the most part, didn't even have a movie theatre.We fished and hunted every time that we wanted or had time on our hands to burn. We took more fish and game than you could imagine. Our freezers were always just stuffed full of fish and wild game. Stocked our friend's freezers as well.


Even though we took a lot from nature, none was wasted, my parents wouldn't allow any kind of waste....no matter what it was. We took all for granted, just to young and stupid as to what damage that we really did and for so many years. After getting out of college, had numerous jobs to support my family. Began fishing and hunting as a Prof.Rockport was growing fast and many people moving in by the day; has never stopped and to big, my town has been taken over with outsiders. This huge increase in population, added more boats and fisherman everywhere. All just killing to many fish and wild game with no regard for the damage being done to nature.....no such thing as conserving anything for tomorrow.


As I matured into an adult, looked back on what damage that I did and for so many years....was ashamed of myself and what I had done. This really hit me hard deep inside. Wanted to change my ways, and other's ways of thinking. Have been doing it since, educate people, my clients, and all who will listen. All our resources are God sent, should be used wisely and taken care of by all concerned. You can deplete any resource; this can't be allowed to happen, with any resource. It takes all of us working together to take care of our blessings,resources,and each other. We can change the world, how people think, what people do and how they do things.....that benefit us all. We can take fish and wild game for food, leave plenty to reproduce.


We want to leave behind such for our children's children. They should have the opportunity to hunt and fish as I did. I'm asking all to join me, work with me and others to take care of our God sent blessings and resources. As for fish, take what you need, release the rest carefully. Give aid to fish and wildlife; give money as you can afford to help share the expense of wetlands, Texas Parks & Wildlife breeding of more game. When possible, practice CPR.....CATCH-PHOTO-RELEASE!!! This helps us all; lets put back more than we take. Want my kids and grand babies to enjoy what I grew up with. This is what the "LORD" intended. We that have been given of so much....are expected of so much. "PRACTICE CPR....EVERYDAY.....CATCH-PHOTO-RELEASE.


God Bless you all and lets work together for this great cause. apt. Robert Brooks....Prof.Fishing and Hunting Outfitter.

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