( A) Long casting distance.( B) Cork sets lower in the water....provides loud cork splashes.( C) Cork being lower in the water, rigged with small shot, allows greater sound and longer distance being heard.....attracts more fish from a greater distance. (D) Corks rigged with top-bottom eye screws....less tangles, NO EARS to break off.(E) Cork Body....casted thick and tough material...less breakage and leaks.

Prof. Guide Robert Brooks

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The water calls . . . Mercury Marine.



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Texas Fishing License Information

Information from Texas Parks and Wildlife about saltwater fishing license.

Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Within the Texas Gulf Coast Fishing Website you will find up-to-date, coastal saltwater fishing information that is bound to make your next gulf coast saltwater fishing trip more productive.

Fish Species

Information from Texas Parks and Wildlife about relevant game species in our bay waters.